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This page is dedcated to the cuties from Mononoke hime, and my boring Math teacher, Mr. Lehr. (No affense) Here, I will have EVERYTHING envolving them, and all of my doodles with them, from math class. Now, I would like to indroduce my friends Mr Insaney head Rock, and Mr. Insaney head Boulder, and their adventures within the pages of my binder. (they are trying to ovrtake it, you see)


Wow! A brand new divier to doodle on! This is going to be soo kool don't you think so, Mr insaney head rock?!

~I think it's going to be EVIL!!!!!!!

Me too....

OH NO!!!AHH!! A kodama is here to challenge Mr insaney head rock!

I'll smuch him in one hit Mr. Insaney head Rock!

No, no, let me Mr. Insaney head boulder, I want to prove my strength to the little kodama!

Will Mr. Insaney Head rock win, or does the Kodama have the advantage??? You're all going to have to wait until French to find out!!

>Later in French class<

Now! for the battle of a lifetime! Get you cameras folks!

The kodama will start


AHH!!!! oh no! Mr. Insaney head rock has been defeated!Now Mr. insaney head boulder wants a hit at him!

**Mr.Insaney head boulder mushes the kodama, and lands in a pile of guts**

Mr. Insaney head rock, are you alright?!!Oh!Look!

**We see Mr. Insaney head rock & boulder smiling happily an a pile of kodama guts**

Tune in next time! For now, goodbye!


Today, I invited Mr Yamato Ishida to come and talk to us.Uh...Yama-kun...

*Hiya kids! It's me, Yamato! Here with my gabumon, to save the da--*

HEY!!You're not Yamato!

- Maria walks over and pulls off his mask and his wig -



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